CONCORDIA KINDERGARTEN is a part of the Murray Bridge Lutheran Community and an affiliate of DECD (Department of Education and Child Development). We are classified as a ‘grant-funded’ preschool.

About the Staff

Director / Teacher
       - Toni Turci

       - Jessica Keynes
       - Faye Stephens
       - Bonnie Pearson
       - Bev Harrison

Early Childhood Educators
       - Tanya White
       - Mandy Raymond
       - Jessica Schellen
       - Danielle Baker
       - Rhiannon Murray

THE KINDERGARTEN COUNCIL consists of 2 members of the Murray Bridge Lutheran Congregations (they are also usually kindergarten parents), the Director and 1 of the Pastors from either Holy Cross or Christ Church , plus 4 additional members who are elected from parents who come to the Annual General Meeting. The AGM is held in February each year.
This Council is responsible for the supporting the Director with the appointment of staff, receiving and administering the finances, maintaining the facilities and working with staff to provide a safe place for children. They are also responsible for ensuring there is sufficient money to purchase toys, books and outdoor equipment for the children. This is done through careful managing of funds received through the kindy fees.